Sunday, May 10, 2009


ya gotta have a membership card to get inside.

Yep! I was thinking about that song, especially the part where he makes up his own sign and says, "Thank you Lord, I'm doing fine!!!"

Same ol' same ol'.

The Boss is doing her thing with her Mother (92, and starting to shows signs of aging!!).

Work is the same... I'm getting paid.

I'm not showing up at the Knights as often, so when I do go there I have a little extra stuffs to do.. it's some kind of trade-off??

Getting ready for FOOTBALL 2009!!

AND... just slowing down 'cause I am getting old.

Going down SOUFF and I just can't wait to be in the traffic for the ALL-Star race and the Mem day race the following week. That means they'll all be down there for two weeks with their gun racks, hound dogs and pick-up trucks.

I better start practicing so.. Y'all take it easy for now while I go spit off my back deck. maybe put a sofa on my lawn??? HMMMMM????

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